What are the video conferencing applications?

Video conferencing is a kind of multimedia communication technology that enables people in different places to realize “real-time, visual and interactive” through the network. It can be through the existing variety of electronic communication transmission media, the characters static, dynamic images, voice, text, pictures and other information distributed to the user’s terminal equipment, so that the geographical dispersion of the user can be a copolymer , Through the graphics, sound and other ways to exchange information, increase the understanding of the content of both sides, so that people like to attend the same venue in the same meeting, not only to work more efficient, but also to answer the savings Travel costs, become a necessary equipment for modern enterprises.

The use of video conferencing can achieve more than one person at the same time communication, not only the effect is higher, but also by canceling travel also help to improve the environment and reduce the cost of doing business arrangements for staff travel expenses, through video conferencing data sharing function, Of the common file access. Video conferencing convenient, low-carbon, high efficiency and other advantages by more and more users of the pro-Lai.

As a representative of the video conferencing industry, ezTalks video conferencing system to actively promote the development of the industry, the use of industry-standard H.264 encoding format, support for mobile phones, computers, tablet, TV and other terminals, widely used in video conferencing, business negotiations, E-government, telemedicine, tele-recruitment, remote training, remote monitoring, mobile conferencing and other fields.