ezTalks Meetings, Making Enterprise Training Faster, Better and More Economical

ezTalks Meetings, Making Enterprise Training Faster, Better and More Economical

More and more candidates in the interview will be asked: “Your company will often train employees do?” Whether it is posed for the moment, sincerely ask worth mentioning, can only explain a problem – training in business management is indispensable.

Even ordinary job-seekers all know the importance of training. How can one be a human resource director or a company CEO sit idly by? New employees quickly adapt to the work environment can not be separated from training, such as the rapid realization of talent can not be separated without training, different branch employees to achieve teamwork is also inseparable from the training.

Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, in fact, most companies training is not satisfactory. For example, Company A requires training of 300 staff members at headquarters. Apart from business trips and those unable to attend work arrangements, at least 80 to 120 people should be guaranteed attendance. However, only about 50 attend training sessions each time. Training The coverage and frequency are far from enough. In addition, the participation of employees in branch offices in training was even more difficult. As a result, the knowledge and strategy of divisions and headquarters were not synchronized and the company’s synergy capability was greatly reduced.

A similar situation occurs in different companies every day, what should I do? Video conferencing has become the most important solution for modern enterprises to change the status quo of training. In the developed regions such as Europe and the United States, the training mode based on video conferencing has been highly recognized. In a nutshell: more (at the same time more trainers), fast (training organization fast), good (real-time exchange effect), the province (save a large travel organization costs).

Let’s take ezTalks Meetings as an example to see how video conferencing costs, utilities and other aspects of the traditional training methods to change it.

1. More – more trainers, wide area
ezTalks supports tens of thousands of people online training, no geographical restrictions, support for a variety of conference modes and permissions to meet the different needs of enterprises training needs, can be used for business held in various types, different training activities. Simultaneous live broadcast mode is adopted to facilitate employees dispersed in different work sites to synchronize training at the same time. All remote participants can watch and participate in on-line communication synchronously.

Fast – fast installation, fast organization, quick start
Five minutes to install and commissioning is completed, training and meetings can be called a minute to finish. Simple operation One key input, no training easy to use, support for mobile phones, PAD, computers and other terminals, to provide efficient, fast and convenient training services.

3. Good – real-time exchange, first-class audio and video effects, recording and playback, training effect is good
Fluency of high-definition video transmission, high-fidelity voice, remote training equivalent to the scene. ezTalks video conference system supports hands-on statement, corporate trainers are free to set the participants’ speech and operational authority, to achieve the controllability of the training process, to ensure order and discipline in the training class. It provides the ability to record and permanently save the training activities to meet the training needs of rehearsal and rehearsal after the course is over.

4. Cheap– can rent to buy, flexible way to save a lot of travel organizations, hardware procurement costs
The pay-as-you-go model means eliminating the business travel, rental space, and IT equipment budgets.