ezTalks: The Best Way to Solve Business Travel Cost Control

ezTalks: The Best Way to Solve Business Travel Cost Control

According to the Research Report on the Status Quo and Development Prospects of China’s Travel Industry (2015 Edition), Chinese business travel expenses account for 24% of the operating expenses of enterprises and the second largest expense after labor costs.

Domestic business travel costs “booming”

At present, the travel costs of domestic enterprises are expanding. According to the survey, travel expenses have topped the daily expenses of enterprises. More and more enterprises are having a headache to the “entangled” expenses that are continuously rising in the enterprise. It is imperative to increase income and reduce expenditure and reduce travel expenses. However, taking the lead in moving the whole body, if the travel expenses are reduced in a rigid manner, it is likely to bring about poor communication between the front and back ends and the reduction of business efficiency.

How expensive is traveling? Let’s work together to calculate this account:

Company A, with a scale of about 300, needs to hold at least one meeting or training for more than 30 persons on average each month. At least 20 people from each branch should come from branches. Meetings round-trip time of 2 days, each round-trip transportation costs 800 per person, accommodation costs 200 for each person, human cost per person per day 280, catering costs 50 yuan per person per day, the annual travel costs Up to nearly 40 million.

Corporate savings travel costs its own “recipe”

For a small and medium-sized enterprises, 400,000 is not a small sum. Some people may also be inspired by the idea, not forgetting to reduce costs? Do not fly, high-speed rail, could not live business hotel, all sit hard seat, stay in a small hotel, not solved? In fact, some companies do just that. The consequences of doing so, really who travel who knows wow. We do not waste time. Tourists on the surface of the drive, my heart complained, greatly reduced the efficiency of the implementation, what is more, complained to the customer, directly driving down the company’s image. Seems to reduce the cost of direct travel, resulting in the result is a higher indirect costs, lower project turnover, outweigh the benefits. So in this way to reduce travel costs apparently not wise.

ezTalks Onion efficient communication, saving money is expected

So how can we reduce travel costs in a real sense? In the era of Internet information, cloud conference is your “savior!” For example, after using ezTalks Onion, enterprise A can reduce the number of on-site meetings from 12 times a year to twice the cost of the original conference, and in the aspect of improving communication efficiency, after using ezTalks Onion, The cost of time can be reduced from the original two days to participate in a meeting into a minute called convened, 2 hours to solve the problem, the same effect and on-site communication or even more details and more features. ezTalks video conferencing boxes can not only achieve real-time transmission of images and voice among multiple personnel, but also share a variety of documents to synchronize discussions, even outside the company can also use mobile phones to participate in video conferencing. Many people worry about maintenance ezTalks also unique, ezTalks Onion 5 minutes to get started, no training, hardware and software integration design, operation is very stable, basically do not need additional maintenance.

ezTalks Onion saves a lot of room and board and travel costs, leaving employees to reduce the burden on business trips, but also improve the efficiency of negotiating clients, it is time-saving and effort saving and worry!