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3G network to make video conferencing more exciting

With the increasing demand for mobile communications systems, 3G licensing, the three major operators have invested in 3G network construction, but also announced the 3G package. As we all know, the biggest difference between 3G and 2G is to make the mobile Internet from narrowband to broadband, mobile Internet device (MID) faster access to the Internet. So, in the end what applications will be on the mobile Internet fire up?

ezTalks believes that for individuals, InstantMessaging (IM), IM will become the first mobile Internet applications, the reason is simple: you can let the user guarantee at any time online. We can chat on the computer QQ, MSN, Fetion, but once left the computer, you can not contact your friends. MID IM let this contact is not limited by the PC, you can chat with MID anytime, anywhere. If the Internet has two entrances: IM and browser, then mobile Internet also has two entrances, because when we surf the Web, we either chat or look at the webpage. These two applications are the most common and the most frequent.
ezTalks that is very important for the company, as long as employees have MID can promptly deal with the customer to reflect the problem, without having to go back to the company to do further processing, so real-time effectively solve the problem for customers in order to bring the greatest benefits to the company; In reality, ezTalks video conferencing promotion is also a timely manner, 3G to provide the widest range of network support, 3G netbooks provide hardware support. As these conditions improve, the stormy development of “ezTalks Video Conferencing” has become just around the corner.