ezTalks cloud video conference to create the new century

Ten years ago, in the film, “high-level leaders encountered a major event immediately launched a video conference between corporate partners.” It is also a stunning “science fiction film.” Today, however, “video conferencing” has long since gone down to business Negotiations and other fields, in order to facilitate the urban workplace to experience, but also has become an indispensable weapon.
In more than a decade of development, video conferencing has faced several barriers: multiple technical barriers, such as having to go through a dedicated videoconferencing equipment to get a regular meeting, often meeting because of inconsistencies in the broadband network at meetings, worrying about compromising, and discussing confidential When the topic will still choose the traditional way of meeting and so on. In the tortuous path of development, such a number of outstanding enterprises, cloning, continuous research and development and exploration, and gradually video communications technology has made remarkable achievements. ezTalks Video Conferencing is a dark horse in this video communications industry that brings a genocidal transformation to video conferencing with high quality.

ezTalks video conferencing is the first cross-border mobile multi-screen full HD video conferencing cloud platform, which has a number of independent technical achievements, to the maximum extent possible, our country’s video conference technology has undergone a qualitative leap. It is understood that, at the beginning of the design, ezTalks cloud has precise positioning of the market, in the mobile, high definition and popularize enough. Strive to bring customers different meeting experience.
It is reported, ezTalks video conferencing support for all types of mobile terminals to join, whether employees at the airport, hotel or home, regardless of the use of mobile phones, tablet or computer, as long as there is a network can attend the meeting at any time. In order to meet the needs of enterprise users who are able to access the conference anytime, anywhere and take into account the ultimate high-definition and virtual reality venues, software video conferencing and hardware video conferencing will converge. ezTalks cloud can also achieve the dissemination and sharing of conference content, and participants even have the right to make changes to the conference materials. For the big boss, the time is money This sentence is not at all false, ezTalks cloud can initiate a meeting to convene a meeting, eliminating the need for intermediate appointment time. For confidentiality, ezTalks cloud is also a mature consideration, it uses a mature technology of cloud security strategy to ensure the safety and privacy of meeting information.
ezTalks cloud since the launch of the market, small test chopper has received unanimous praise in many industries, it services companies covering communications, banking, logistics, culture and other industries. In a comprehensive building a conservation-oriented society today, using an advanced technology to add luster to the traditional meeting, fully equipped with a strong market competitiveness and broad industry prospects. ezTalks video company will also continue to focus on the development of video communications industry, and strive to contribute to the “smart city, smart work, smart life.”