Human Resource Mode Innovation ezTalks Video Conferencing Helps Business Integrate International Teams

Today’s business globalization process is generally faster than jet jets. However, regardless of the direction of global expansion, companies face the same challenges in talent development, training and management as the mainstay of implementing business strategy, business innovation and customer service. More and more executives also recognize the significance of cultural differences. The generally accepted style of employee management and policies in one country may not apply in another country; the effective leadership style at headquarters – whether in Beijing, New York, or London, may be detrimental to business once a region is changed Carry out.
Super-globalized, super-localized
From a management perspective, the process of globalization strategy can often be predicted. In the process of market expansion, the organizational structure of an enterprise will shift from a dominant global headquarters to a localized management system. However, the core functions of marketing, sales and production duplicate the operation of the headquarters. However, this structure that emphasizes regional or national characteristics tends to cause the organization to become loose and redundant. Therefore, in the current globalization process, the top management of most TNCs are changing their management structure, combining the benefits of a globally uniformed policy on the one hand, and localization on the other. In other words, the HR strategies of these enterprises are both super-globalized and super-localized. The ultimate goal is to create to meet the needs of business development, and even lead the development of human resource management capabilities to recruit qualified personnel, grasp the market opportunities around the world and promote business development.

More flexible human resources management
The new HRM model requires a technology platform that enables companies to respond to local conditions while maintaining the competitive advantage of global effectiveness. ezTalks video conferencing system is the best technology choice. The system is one of the leading brands in domestic video conferencing industry and has provided video conference system services to more than 100 government agencies and enterprises and institutions, including the Beijing Olympic Games Security Center. Has accumulated a wealth of experience in video conferencing applications and success stories, In addition, ezTalks video conferencing in overseas markets have excellent performance, with rich experience in transnational cross-regional video conferencing applications.
ezTalks video conferencing system provides large multinational video conferencing technical support, multiple access points can simultaneously participate in video conferencing large video conferencing room, the industry’s leading multi-channel mixing technology to support up to dozens of simultaneous audio mixing, supplemented by Leading audio processing technology, including noise suppression, automatic gain and echo cancellation. To ensure the quality of large-scale meetings. So that all branches of enterprises, all departments enjoy the “zero distance” communication. At the same time, ezTalks video conferencing system has strong adaptability to complex network environments, SIP protocol, compatible with H.323 protocol, with better scalability and security, proprietary audio and video QOS technology in the network more Poor conditions to provide smooth and clear sound, video communications to provide multiple protection. To a great extent, it can solve the defects of good and bad network quality of participants in international conferences, ensure the effectiveness of video conference and the stability of the process, and ensure the high quality and smooth flow of international conferences. Let the two sides communicate in a highly stable, highly secure environment, smooth development.
By sharing information and managing service models provided by ezTalks video conferencing systems, it not only provides a unified service to employees around the world, but also quickly adapts to the special needs of markets around the world. Become a virtual service center in the business model. Through this center, no matter where your employees are, you can quickly get a unified human resources service. For example, a knowledge base helps to standardize functions and materials and processes the business in a coherent and consistent manner as required by local law. In the ever-changing market economy environment, ezTalks video conferencing system for business decision-makers to understand the market situation, understand the internal conditions of the enterprise, understand the needs of staff, and respond quickly to provide the fastest and most convenient channel. At the same time for enterprises to reduce costs, control costs, improve efficiency and bring more space.
Balanced leadership
In the globalization process, business management must allow more localization decisions in its business expansion. Businesses must create processes and ways of thinking that encourage indigenous innovation, which is especially important in industries that require a particular understanding of user tastes and preferences. Equally important, companies need to train select managers not only from companies that run traditional businesses, but also from areas that have great market potential. Businesses need reform processes and management structures that give managers in emerging markets greater decision-making power. For example, Coca-Cola executives include executives from Mexico, the United Kingdom, Libya, Turkey, France, Ireland, Australia and the United States. To diversify its management, the Coca-Cola Company has sent Latin American people to the top management positions in the Asian market. It has also sent Europeans to hold senior positions in North America and made Africans important positions in the company in Australia. Leadership training also plays an important role. The next leadership should know about other cultures and accept global management training.
ezTalks video conferencing system has a powerful conference recording capabilities: support for two recording methods: one is video recording, you can use ordinary player playback; the other is the venue recording, recording of video, audio, data, text, etc., System comes with the player to play, on the one hand to ensure the integrity of meeting records. On the other hand, it is possible to hold staff training with high efficiency, low cost and no waste. Allowing senior and mid-level management to get quality service in the business districts before and during their tenure without having to travel over the ocean of the continents.
Common technology and system
Technology and information systems also play an important role in building a super-globalized organizational structure. ezTalks video conferencing system also has a powerful document sharing capabilities, support PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other OFFICE documents and PDF, Visio, AutoCAD, txt documents, pictures and other forms of documents and support for more than 500 pages of large documents, Efficient real-time screen sharing technology, support stock assessment software, MIS system, GIS map software, CorelDraw graphic design software, web pages and other program sharing, and also supports desktop sharing capabilities to meet the needs of almost all departments of the work data communication. It provides the possibility of text, software and multimedia communication among multinational corporations. Truly a versatile information center.