Mobile video conference

Video conferencing Mobility becomes a new trend

The video conferencing terminal is a multimedia communication terminal device, including a camera, a display device, a microphone, an audio and a transmission network, and other related devices for sharing files, videos and the like in a conference. People need these terminal devices to be able to participate in video conferencing, so video conferencing systems, video conferencing terminals have a pivotal position.

The video conference terminal can collect, compress and encode the real-time image, voice and related data information of a certain conference point and send it to the transmission channel after being multiplexed; meanwhile, the received image, voice and data information are decomposed and encoded , And restoring the image, voice and data of the other party’s conference site. In addition, the video conference terminal also sends the conference control signals (such as application for speaking and applying for chairman) of the conference site to the MCU, and also performs the control function of the MCU on the conference site, Said to play a central role in the video conferencing system.
After years of development, the technical water products of the video conference terminal have made considerable progress, but there is still room for improvement.
1, using low-bandwidth high-quality audio and video. With the rapid development of codec technology, the terminal can provide the best codec and transmission solution that adapts to the current network conditions according to the network transmission quality, so as to still provide users with good audio and video effects when the network fluctuates , In the network from poor to good in the process of audio and video effects can be smooth over. At the same time, high-definition video resolution and better fluency will be the standard video conference terminal in the future. The encoding is upgraded from H.263 and H.264 to H.265, and the video effect of 1080P will be realized under 1M bandwidth.
2, to the development of mobile terminals. The current video conferencing terminal functionality is powerful, but the drawback is not easy to carry, tedious access steps, its operating environment also has higher requirements. With the growth of mobile internet and the popularization of mobile broadband, mobile devices have become popular, and people may want to be able to participate in meetings flexibly with their own devices, thus not only improving efficiency, reducing costs, and reducing energy consumption.
3, stability and safety improvement. The current video conferencing users are all levels of users leaders, many meetings also involve the issue of confidentiality, and therefore the requirements for the stability and security of the system is very high, and now the video conferencing terminal in terms of stability and security A number of measures, such as strong compatibility, packet loss recovery mechanism, provide security for stability; and security password authentication and other measures to provide security for the security. It is believed that in the future development of video conferencing, there will be even more unexpected designs in terms of stability and security.
In addition, the video conference system software and open, the main body of the terminal product applications from high-end users to ordinary users, the physical size of the terminal is gradually reduced, the reduction of environmental requirements, etc., will be the video conferencing terminal The development trend, I believe that with the continuous improvement of science and technology, major manufacturers will produce more satisfied users of the product.