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Top 3 join.me Competitors

join.me is mostly viewed from a remote control and support instrument perspective. This online meeting service was primarily invented to allow simple screen sharing. Although join.me is used as an online conferencing and meeting service tool, it presents various disadvantages which downplay its functionality. As much as whiteboard presentations can be shared by individuals, this… Read More Top 3 join.me Competitors

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Top 4 Virtual Meeting Software

Excellent communication is very important for the long time survival of any business. Improved communication will help businesses by ensuring everyone is working in line with the overall company goal. Communication technology has come a long way, and is continually advancing day by day. Virtual meetings have been made possible because of the advancement in… Read More Top 4 Virtual Meeting Software

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Three Online Training Tools to Elevate Staff’s Ability

Online training tools are web-based platforms that are used by lots of companies to conduct staff training online. It helps lower the costs incurred because staff do not need to waste time traveling to the training venue and no venue is actually needed. Trainers can train staff regardless of their locations. In this article, we’d… Read More Three Online Training Tools to Elevate Staff’s Ability

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Top 5 Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing services provide a cheap way to communicate and collaborate with customers, potential clients and team members through internet. Web conferencing services are a great tool for reducing the travel costs, enabling teams to join conversations and collaborate on projects remotely. Along with audio/video services, the best web conferencing services also provide screen sharing,… Read More Top 5 Web Conferencing Services

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Video Conferencing Platforms Introduction

Video conferencing is that technology which allows people to conduct conferences, interviews, meetings etc. face to face without having to change their locations. This whole process is processed through the internet. Other than just chatting or discussing things face to face, it also allows, transmission of images, text, and even audio and video from one… Read More Video Conferencing Platforms Introduction

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Top 5 Web Conferencing Solutions Introduced

Web conferencing solutions enable communication on the internet through video meetings, audio meetings and seminars by availing screen sharing, chat, recording and remote control. The applications are executed to help long distance and international communication, improve collaboration and decrease travel expenses. Most of the web based video conferencing solutions provide audience interaction features for webinars,… Read More Top 5 Web Conferencing Solutions Introduced