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Share Desktop on Skype

Effective communication is the key to the successful relationships in personal life as well as with your business stakeholders. Face-to-face communication is simple and clear but in some cases, it is simply impossible due to distance like some people are working abroad or distant from their origin. In these cases, they have to use some… Read More Share Desktop on Skype

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How to Share Computer Screen

Today’s technological advancements have made it easier to communicate with remotely placed individual or group of individuals by using various instant communication software options. Another facility provided by these communication options is screen sharing. You can share computer screen with a number of people at a time while communicating with them with the help of… Read More How to Share Computer Screen

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5 Best Desktop Screen Sharing Software

A screen share software allows you to share your desktop screen with your clients, colleagues, and others to show them whatever you have on the screen of your desktop or mobile computing devices including documents, websites, videos, audios, presentations, and photos etc. Moreover, it also allows your clients and colleagues to see whatever happens on… Read More 5 Best Desktop Screen Sharing Software

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How to Use Screen Sharing In Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a major tool used by businesses to connect with employees, clients, suppliers and partners globally. Using this technology, participants can enjoy live presentations with a number of tools that allow for sharing of information and files in real time. One of the prominent features of a typical video conferencing systems is… Read More How to Use Screen Sharing In Video Conferencing