Telecommuting just Becomes Easier

Telecommuting, just like the name puts, describes commuting through technology caused by the truth that not everybody can manage commuting towards the workplace on all occasions. This process is usually utilized in companies employing worldwide employees. There are plenty of benefits with regards to telecommuting-Single mothers and new moms benefit a good deal, because it… Read More Telecommuting just Becomes Easier

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Video Collaboration for Businesses

Video collaboration is the next big thing, especially for businesses and campuses. This is the kind of telecommunication technology whereby one can host an online meeting with contributors from other regions, or may be different countries through video chatting. It ensures stress-free sharing of information and collaboration amongst the participants. Below is more information and… Read More Video Collaboration for Businesses

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Does Telecommuting Really Improve Work-Life Balance

Despite what many people think, telecommuting doesn’t always help employees balance out their home and work lives, new research finds. The study from sociologists at the University of Iowa and the University of Texas at Austin discovered that employees who telecommute end up working longer hours than their peers who never work from home. The… Read More Does Telecommuting Really Improve Work-Life Balance

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Best Free Remote Support Software

There has been a great evolution in the technology and has seen the onset of remote support software. Management in corporations and other business has been made easy with the availability of remote support services. Accessibility to a workplace computer when you are at home or travelling, home computer from other different location, fixing a… Read More Best Free Remote Support Software


The Future of Telecommunication

Telecommunication or telecom is the exchange of information by electric means over significant distances. This is a broad term and includes various information transmission technologies like telephones, fiber optics, microwave communication, satellite, television and radio broadcasting, the telegraphs, and the internet. Ever since it emerged, the telecommunication trends has been proved to be growing and… Read More The Future of Telecommunication


Advantages of Telecommunication

Advancements in telecommunication technologies have greatly impacted on the way people interact with one another at the global level. Nowadays, individuals and businesses can communicate easily through voice calls, video calls and data sharing applications. Businesses have particularly taken advantage of teleconferencing, video conferencing and video calling systems to steer collaboration among employees. By adopting… Read More Advantages of Telecommunication